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Heartbreak Girl: Mixcloud Playlist

Heartbreak Girl: Mixcloud Playlist

A vintage mix of rhythm and blues, classic soul, reggae, Zamrock, gospel and more...

1. Music Is God My Love by Chassol

2. Since I Fell For You by Jimmy 'Preacher' Ellis

3. The Only Way by Witch

4. Don't Be Surprised by Lynn Williams

5. Heartbreak Girl by Noel Brown

6. Bad Boy by The Jive Bombers

7. Try by Eula Cooper

8. Little Girl From The Candy Store by The Neville Brothers

9. Crackin' Up by Bo Diddley

10. Good Luck Charm by C.W Stoneking

11. I Am Free, No Dope For Me by The Dynamics

12. Long Time Boy by Nadia Cattouse

13. Barbwire by Nora Dean

14. Why Don't You Do Right by Lil Green

15. Staggolee by Pacific Gas & Electric

16. What Do I Have by Nancy Dupree

17. Two Winters Long by Irma Thomas

18. Your Heart Belongs To Me by The Supremes

19. I'm So Happy And Free The Lord Saved Me by Rev. Lonnie Farris